Hello there friend!

I am so excited that you are visiting my blog, and I hope you continue to follow my and my family’s journey as we pursue Christ and grow in our faith, careers, and life. I thought I’d share a little bit of my heart and passion about my blog with you.

Originally, I started blogging as personal outlet after becoming a mom to process my emotions and thoughts about events and circumstances going on in my life. But, I began to discover that many people really related to the stories and topics I was sharing. People started coming up to my family while we were out in the community and just sharing how much they enjoy my blog.

Although I did not have a ton of traffic on my blog, I found this really encouraging and just continued to write more and more posts. I started out writing on several different topics while I was discovering my own writing style and voice.

But with direction from God, I have landed on this statement as the overarching vision for my blog: hoping to inspire joy, love, and change in others. This is my goal. I hope that you feel joy, love, and a desire to change and grow every time you take the time to read a post.

You may also notice I write on a couple of core topics: motherhood, faith, and well-being. I believe these aspects of our lives have a major impact on how we are feeling and performing in every avenue – whether that be academically, vocationally, relationally.

As I hope to inspire joy, love, and change in others’ lives, I also hope that you will feel better and live better which is the running mantra behind the vision.

A little bit about me…

I currently live in Southeast Louisiana with my beautiful family, but I work full-time in the New Orleans area. I met my husband while I was in college at Southeastern Louisiana University. I graduated with my bachelor’s in 2015 and with my master’s degree in Psychology in December 2018. While finishing my master’s degree, we had our son, Israel (a.k.a Izzy) in February 2018.

We are a military and learning how to navigate Christian’s trainings and potential deployment while figuring out parenting and raising a puppy right now!

I regularly attend and serve at my local church and enjoy doing yoga, hiking, spending time with friends and family, and of course, blogging. I pray for my readers regularly so please do not hesitate to send in prayer requests or leave feedback on my posts.

I hope you enjoy reading posts from SarahMozingo.com and feel inspired with joy, love, and change. Remember to connect with me on email and social!

For more inspiration, follow Sarah_mozingo on Instagram and you can find me on Facebook at Sarah Ford Mozingo.